WindJack Solutions, Inc.

Acrobat JavaScript Training/Consulting Services

WindJack Solutions has offered Acrobat JavaScript training and consulting services for several years to customers from a broad spectrum of industries. In that time, the use of JavaScript in Acrobat and PDF documents and forms has grown exponentially. "JavaScript is what makes PDFs come alive", says WindJack Solutions CEO Thom Parker. It is the control language for Acrobat, providing the ability to add powerful functionality to PDF documents and forms, automate Acrobat and PDF workflows, and make PDF forms more end-user friendly.

One frequently encountered problem is that many Acrobat users and PDF producers do not have programming skills. They are office workers, information workers, marketing and sales people, and a whole host of other job functions that are neither programming centric, nor typically require programming skills. Yet, with the ubiquity of PDF (the de facto standard for sharing electronic documents) and the movement forward towards that elusive goal of the paperless office, many of these workers are being asked to create ever more complex PDF documents, forms and Acrobat workflows. In many cases, this requires some JavaScript skills.

WindJack Solutions provides a variety of reasonably priced services that can jump-start your entry into Acrobat scripting or help you quickly add advanced capabilities to your PDFs only available via Acrobat JavaScript. Whether you are a novice or pro, check out the different services we offer below to see how we can help with your project, be it large or small, simple or complex.

  1. On-line Custom Consulting/Training
    Sometimes nothing beats seeing how a task is done real time- live. Using GoToMeeting we can walk you through a particular task or provide a custom training session based on your particular needs. A four hour minimum is required.
  2. On-line Basic Acrobat JavaScript Training
    A 4 hour session covering the basics of Acrobat JavaScript- how to set-up, how to use the Acrobat JavaScript tools, and a primer on general scripting for Acrobat. Can be set up for one student/one instructor or for a group using GoToMeeting and telephone conferencing.
  3. On-Retainer
    If you have a complex project and need some guidance or help along the way, you can purchase a block of time to be used on demand when you need it. This is great for experienced programmers new to Acrobat JavaScript who can benefit from having an expert at the ready when they encounter a few snags or have some questions. Provided via email, telephone, or on-line sessions- whatever fits your situation best. A four-hour minimum is required.

Have some questions or want to discuss your project and see how we can help?

Send an email to: or call (503) 547-4630 (PST)

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