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All About Stamps in Acrobat and Paperless Workflows

All About PDF Stamps in Acrobat© and Paperless Workflows
(The Book)

From the dawn of human history stamps have been a key tool for information processing (the emperor's seal and the tax man's stamp). Document processing in the paperless age also requires a stamp. PDF is the electronic document format of choice and the PDF stamp is the modern equivalent of the old-style ink stamp. But of course, a PDF stamp is much more than a rubber ink stamp could ever be. This book explains how PDF stamps fit into the larger topic of document workflows and provides complete details on creating and using stamps in Acrobat. It covers the full range from entry level material on custom stamp design, to the technical details of advanced dynamic stamp scripting and automating stamp placement with Acrobat JavaScript.

This book is essential for anyone who uses, manages, develops, or is even slightly interested in paperless document workflows.

PDF CanOpener 2.0

PDF CanOpener 4.0

(Acrobat Pro and Std versions from 8 to DC)
PDF CanOpener provides instant access to information about drawn objects (fonts, color spaces, object location, etc.) as well as a COS level tree view for analysis and manipulation of the internal object structure, plus many other features for low level PDF handling.

This Adobe Acrobat plug-in is a must have in the tool kit of all serious PDF users, from creative professionals and print specialists to software developers.

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