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PDF CanOpener

Create OCG (Layers) in Acrobat

Navigate a PDF Document

Explore Annotations in a PDF Document

Create an Acrobat® JavaScript Icon Stream


AcroButtons Quick Start (615 KB PDF)

Turn Any Acrobat Menu Item Into a One-Click Operation

AcroButtons Usage Example Video Part 1- Automating Acrobat (2.8 MB Flash Media- ~6 minutes)

AcroButtons Usage Example Video Part 2- Using Embedded toolbar buttons
(4.8 MB Flash Media ~5 minutes)


Popup Menu Programming

Notes on Folder Level Development


Extreme JavaScript for Acrobat

Form Filling Wizard (PDF 124k) - Also called Form Guides.  In this example a Dialog Wizard is used to guide the user through filling out a complex form.  The Form and Wizard are structured to demonstrate how Wizards can be used to present the user with options and information differently than it is presented on the form.

3D PDF Robot Arm Game (PDF 317 k) - Demonstrates the limits of what can be done with Acrobat 3D annotation scripting, plus it's a lot of fun!
Requires Acrobat or Adobe Reader 7.08 or later.

Bouncing Button (PDF 398k) - Catch a button that bounces around inside of a square.  This sample demonstrates using the page geometry and timers.

Swat the Fly Game (354k) - Variation on the Bouncing button.  Each button click leaves behind a dead fly.   The live moving fly avoids the Dead Flies.  Game is timed.  Most dead flies in 60sec wins.

Here are a couple of web pages where you will find examples of two very complex forms used as  applications.
Web pages and PDF files by Shawn S. Altorio:

MultimediaXFA (PDF 10MB, Acrobat 7 or later) - Thought you couldn't use multimedia in a LiveCycle Designer PDF? Think again.  This sample demonstrates how to use a multimedia player in an XFA document.  Because of the embedded AVI file this PDF is very large.  Download it rather than trying to display it in the browser.

2D Matrix Calculator (PDF 1.1MB) - All graphics operations in a PDF rely on 2 dimensional matrices.  This matrix calculator helps you to understand how these matrices are formed, combined, and affect drawn objects on the page. This document is an example of how a PDF can be a software application. 

IE Browser/Acrobat intercommunication -
This is a link to a framed web page.  PDF documents can be loaded into either of two frames from an URL.  If the documents contain the correct JavaScript, the browser and the PDF Page can send messages to one another.  An example PDF is provided.  Messaging is done with the "HostContainer" object, New in Acrobat 7.05.  Must have Acrobat 7.05 or later (Reader or Professional)

Updated for Acrobat 8.1!! This functionality now works with Firefox and Safari.  Other problems with the message handler setup have also been fixed.  All thanks to Rudi Shari at Adobe, who took a serious interest in and then straightened out this convoluted technology, Thanks Rudi!!

XML Parsing and Manipulation - This example PDF demonstrates using the XMLData object to create, add nodes to, modify nodes, and delete nodes from an XML file stored as a file attachment to the PDF.


Accessibility White Paper

Bryan Guignard, aka The PDF Expert, has authored a White paper describing a new model for accessible electronic forms using Acrobat's Dialog Object.  Bryan uses AcroDialogs to help save time and money in creating the dialogs for his accessible forms.
Accessible Forms White Paper (440 KB PDF file)
More information and discussion can be found at this Adobe forums posting.

Designer Examples

Dynamic Form with Line Numbering (PDF 110kb)


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